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A prolapse is the condition in which pelvic muscles, ligaments and other tissues that hold the uterus in its position weaken and as a result, the uterus slips off its position.

It is a medical condition found in females and is connected with the position of the uterus. When the uterus falls off its position, the condition is called pelvic prolapse. This can be partial or complete. When the uterus slips into the vagina to the extent that it creates a bulge in the vagina, it is said to be a partial prolapse. When uterus shifts off its position so much so that a part of the uterus extends outside the vagina, it is said to be a complete prolapse.

What are the causes and symptoms of pelvic prolapse ?
Age and vaginal births are seen as causes of pelvic prolapse. Pelvic tumour, Chronic cough can also be the reason. Pelvic or abdominal pain, the feeling of sitting on a ball, repeated bladder infections, pain during intercourse and constipation can all be symptoms of a prolapse.

How is it treated ?
Non surgical methods like radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, which are commonly used to treat cancer, can be employed to treat a pelvic prolapse as well. When it comes to the surgical methods, laparoscopic pelvic organ prolapse repair is widely used. It was in the yesteryears done with an open incision. But, at Urologist Bangalore, the treatment is done as a minimally invasive surgery. It heals quickly and leaves very little marks. The clinic is very well known for its service quality and the high precision surgeries. Dr. Mahindra Jain at Urologist Bangalore is an expert in dealing with pelvic prolapse and has long experiences in doing so.

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Authored By : Dr. Mahendra Jain

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